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Ricky Stenhouse Jr. shares reaction to Kyle Busch's wreck, discusses anger level

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. confronts Kyle Busch's pit crew after wreck, leading to a fight. Stenhouse expresses frustration over Busch's actions.

In a recent NASCAR All-Star race, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. found himself in a heated altercation with Kyle Busch's pit crew. After Busch wrecked Stenhouse's car during the race, Stenhouse had some choice words for Busch's team. On the Stacking Pennies podcast, Stenhouse shared what he told Busch's crew after parking his car in his pit box.

Expressing his frustration, Stenhouse conveyed to Randall Burnett, "Hey, nothing against y'all, I know y'all weren't driving, but can you tell Busch over the radio that I'll see him afterward." Stenhouse's anger level was off the charts, describing it as an "11" at the time of the incident.

The wreck occurred on the second lap of the race, prompting Stenhouse to speak out against Busch in a post-race interview with Fox Sports. Stenhouse explained, "We passed him. We left the middle open there. Short race, you're trying to get all you get. We passed him, and I guess Busch was mad. Parked my car in the pit box. I figured he would do something like that. Maybe Richard Childress will hold my watch after the race."

Following the race, tensions escalated as Stenhouse confronted Busch, resulting in a physical altercation. As of now, neither driver has faced any consequences for the incident.

Reflecting on the altercation, Stenhouse expressed his frustration with Busch's behavior and performance on the track. Stenhouse stated, "I talk to him quite a bit. I'm not sure why he was so mad that -- I shoved it three wide, but he hit the fence and kind of came off the wall and ran into me, and when I was talking to him he kept saying that I wrecked him."

Stenhouse also addressed Busch's attitude towards him, noting, "Just definitely built-up frustration with how he runs his mouth all the time about myself. But I know he's frustrated because he doesn't run near as good as he used to, and I understand that. We're a single-car team over here. We're working really hard to go out and get better each and every weekend, and we had a really good game plan coming in."

Stenhouse's disappointment was palpable as he expressed, "Our car was really strong Friday in practice. I was looking forward to running to the front. I think we had passed a couple cars there and I was excited for the rest of the night, and he ruined it. Being stuck in here definitely doesn't help the frustration. If there was a tunnel, I'd have probably been home watching the end of that, but here we are."

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