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Get XCoins in XDefiant: A Guide | Digital Trends

XDefiant's premium currency, XCoins, can be earned by purchasing bundles or through the battle pass, but is it worth it?

In the world of in-game shops like XDefiant, currency is king. XCoins reign supreme as Ubisoft's premium currency, necessary for purchasing coveted cosmetics like skins and animations. But how do you get your hands on these elusive XCoins? Well, there are two main methods, and neither involve a magic spell or a hidden treasure map.

The first and most straightforward way to acquire XCoins is by opening your wallet and making a purchase. Bundles of XCoins are available for varying prices, with larger bundles offering a better exchange rate for your hard-earned cash. The smallest bundle of 500 XCoins will set you back $5, while the largest bundle of 12,000 XCoins costs a hefty $100. It's important to note that the more you spend, the more value you get in return.

If you're not keen on spending real money, there is another option for obtaining XCoins: the battle pass. However, there's a catch – you'll need to fork over 700 XCoins to purchase the battle pass in the first place. But fear not, intrepid gamer, for if you manage to complete all the challenges and collect all the XCoin rewards in the battle pass, you'll earn back the 700 XCoins you initially spent. It's like a self-sustaining cycle of virtual wealth.

So, do you need to open your wallet to enjoy XDefiant to its fullest? The answer is a resounding "it depends." While you can technically play for free, the allure of those shiny cosmetics may prove too tempting to resist. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. Will you be a savvy saver or a lavish spender in the world of XDefiant? The decision is yours to make, adventurer. Choose wisely.

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