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ABC News Trump Verdict: Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Sen. Ted Cruz calls Trump's conviction a sham, politically motivated. Democrats aim to label Trump a felon for re-election. Biden cautious.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas expressed his dismay over the outcome of the trial involving former President Donald Trump, calling it a dark day for America. Cruz criticized the trial as a sham and political persecution orchestrated by Democrats who fear Trump's potential reelection. He emphasized that the decision was legally baseless and should be overturned on appeal, labeling the entire trial as fraudulent.

In an interview with Newsmax, Cruz highlighted the Democrats' intention to paint Trump as a convicted felon for political gain. He predicted that the term "convicted felon" would be repeated endlessly by Democrats and the media leading up to the election. Cruz accused the prosecution of being driven by politics rather than the law, aiming to tarnish Trump's reputation.

The media's response to the guilty verdicts further supported Cruz's assertions. ABC News referred to the verdict as a political advantage for Democrats, emphasizing the potential impact on voters' perceptions of Trump. Correspondents reported cheers at Biden's headquarters following the verdict, indicating a sense of victory for the Democrats.

Despite the guilty verdicts, President Biden's messaging is not expected to change significantly. The Biden team acknowledges Trump's claims of a rigged trial and aims to avoid appearing overly celebratory. Biden has maintained that he had no involvement in Trump's legal troubles and has refrained from discussing the issue with his son, Hunter.

Looking ahead, President Biden is likely to continue emphasizing Trump's alleged unfitness for office and leave the final decision to the voters. The possibility of Trump facing prison time is deemed unlikely before the election, further reinforcing the importance of the electoral process in determining his future. The ongoing narrative surrounding Trump's legal troubles is expected to shape the political landscape leading up to the election.

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