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Giant Flying Spiders: Here to Stay

Giant flying spiders invade the U.S., Flavor Flav fights to save Red Lobster, and Earth experiences record heat for 12 months.

Hey there! Laura Davis here with your Wednesday news roundup. But first, have you seen Cherrie? A woman claims to be a missing Pennsylvania girl from 1985, but her mother knows the truth.

Creepy crawlies alert! Giant flying spiders, known as Joro spiders, with 4-inch legs are invading the Eastern U.S. after making their way from Japan. Georgia was ground zero for these arachnids in 2021, and now they're set to spread to New York. These spiders can fly using a technique called "ballooning." Shudder.

In space news, NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams are finally heading to the International Space Station aboard Boeing's Starliner capsule. This mission is crucial for Boeing as they aim to join SpaceX in making routine trips to orbit on NASA's behalf.

May 2024 marks the 12th consecutive month of record-warm temperatures on Earth, the second-longest streak on record. Climate change is real, folks. And speaking of hot topics, Flavor Flav is on a mission to save Red Lobster from bankruptcy. The rapper recently ordered every item on the menu at a Red Lobster location, vowing to help save the iconic restaurant chain.

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