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Dispensary requests delay in license revocation hearing, ABC resists

Hot Springs medical marijuana dispensary faces license revocation. Lawyer seeks hearing delay, state agency opposes unless dispensary closes. Viral!

The attorney representing a medical marijuana dispensary in Hot Springs has requested a postponement of a hearing regarding the revocation of the facility's license. However, a state regulatory official has stated that the agency will oppose any delay unless the dispensary ceases operations in the meantime.

Attorney Q. Byrum Hurst is representing Dragan Vicentic, the owner of Green Springs Medical dispensary. Hurst has expressed the need for more time to review the allegations against his client in a letter sent to the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division. The decision to delay the hearing, scheduled for next week, ultimately lies with the ABC Board.

Chip Leibovich, an ABC staff attorney, responded to Hurst's request by stating that the agency is against a delay and will object to it at the upcoming meeting unless the dispensary stops all operations until the hearing takes place. Leibovich expressed concerns that allowing the dispensary to continue operating may lead to the misleading of patients and the sale of inferior products.

The ABC revoked Vicentic's dispensary license on May 2, citing numerous violations such as the inability to locate cannabis items in its inventory, failure to cooperate with ABC enforcement, and the sale of products with expired lab tests. ABC Director Christy Bjornson emphasized that revoking the permit was the only suitable remedy to address the dispensary's reckless endangerment of cannabis patients.

In response to Hurst's request for a postponement, Leibovich highlighted that the former employee in charge of the dispensary's grow operations, Shana Weidl, is still listed as an employee on record despite no longer being with Green Springs Medical. This discrepancy raised concerns about the dispensary's lack of interest in regulatory compliance.

Leibovich also pointed out that Vicentic had been notified of the hearing well in advance and could have secured legal representation sooner. Therefore, the failure to do so was not considered a valid reason for a continuance. The situation underscores the importance of adhering to regulatory guidelines and ensuring compliance within the medical marijuana industry.

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