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Install iOS 18 Beta: Is it Worth It?

Early access to iOS 18 beta may be tempting, but missing features and bugs make it risky. Wait for a more stable release.

The iOS 18 beta has been released, and the temptation to try out the new features early is strong. With the Developer Beta now available without the need for a paid developer account, it's easy to jump in and get a sneak peek at the upcoming iOS update.

However, it's important to consider the risks involved in running beta software. Early iOS betas, in particular, can be unstable and may not include all the features you're eager to test out. The current version of the iOS 18 beta, Developer Beta 1, includes some new features like home screen customization and Control Center, but lacks key features such as Apple Intelligence tools, RCS messaging, and more.

Beta releases are known for being full of bugs, and while the initial Developer Beta 1 of iOS 18 is relatively stable compared to previous years, it still has its share of issues. Crashes, layout glitches, and increased battery drain are common complaints, and some apps may not function properly until they are updated.

It's recommended to run an iOS beta on a secondary device or have a backup device with the latest stable iOS release and all your essential apps. In the case of iOS 18, unless you're a developer needing to test your app or work on updates, it's probably best to hold off on installing the beta. The best features are not yet available, and the existing features are buggy enough to cause frustration. Even for adventurous users, it's wise to wait for a more stable release in the future.

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