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Sen. John Fetterman speeding crash wedding anniversary fault

Senator John Fetterman rear-ends another vehicle in Maryland crash, both parties sent to hospital. No citations issued, investigation ongoing.

Senator John Fetterman was involved in a car crash in Maryland, where he was found to be speeding and rear-ended another vehicle. The incident occurred early Sunday morning, sending Fetterman, his wife, and the other driver to the hospital for evaluation. Both vehicles involved were towed from the scene, with the police report indicating that Fetterman was at fault for passing the other car at a high rate of speed well above the posted limit.

The crash took place near the I-68 exit in Hancock, Maryland, with Fetterman and his wife being treated for injuries at a local hospital as a precaution. The extent of damage to both vehicles was described as "disabling" in the report. Fetterman suffered a bruised shoulder but was discharged later that day, coincidentally marking his 16th wedding anniversary with his wife.

No citations were issued at the scene, and the Maryland State Police are currently investigating the incident. There was no testing conducted for alcohol or substance use for either Fetterman or the other driver. A spokesperson for Fetterman has not yet commented on the situation as of Wednesday.

Overall, the crash serves as a reminder of the dangers of speeding and the importance of driving safely to prevent such accidents. It also highlights the need for caution on the road, even for experienced drivers like Senator Fetterman. Let this incident be a lesson for all drivers to prioritize safety and follow the rules of the road to avoid similar situations in the future.

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