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Ryan Garcia Sparks Debate by Choosing Athlete Over Michael Jordan as Greatest of All Time

Boxer Ryan Garcia claims Muhammad Ali is the greatest athlete, not Michael Jordan, citing Jordan's lack of societal impact.

Have you ever considered who the greatest athlete of all time is? While many may immediately think of basketball legend Michael Jordan, professional boxer Ryan Garcia believes that title belongs to Muhammad Ali. In a recent episode of "Kick Game," Garcia made it clear that he believes Ali's impact on society far surpasses Jordan's.

Garcia argued that Jordan's contributions to society were minimal, aside from creating a popular line of shoes. He questioned what Jordan had done outside of the basketball court to truly make a difference. This perspective led Garcia to express his preference for Kobe Bryant over Jordan.

However, it may be unfair to discount Jordan's impact on society. Since signing his iconic Nike deal in 1984, Jordan has used his platform to give back in numerous ways. Most recently, he and his mother opened a medical clinic in Wilmington, North Carolina, to provide care for the underprivileged and uninsured. This clinic is just one part of Jordan's $10 million project to support his community.

Jordan's philanthropy dates back decades. In 2002, he donated his entire season's salary with the Washington Wizards to charities supporting 9/11 relief efforts. He has also been a generous supporter of organizations like the Make-a-Wish Foundation, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Despite not being viewed as the greatest athlete by everyone, Jordan's dedication to giving back to his community cannot be denied. His contributions have made a significant impact on countless lives, solidifying his place among the best athletes of all time.

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