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Release During Week's Full Moon Based On Zodiac + Tarot

Release self-doubt and embrace confidence with the Full Moon's energy. Let go of past challenges, nurture achievements, and aim high.

Leo, it's time to release any self-doubts you may have about your abilities, especially with the Full Moon influencing your career and reputation. This lunar event could lead to a breakthrough in your professional aspirations, but you must have confidence in yourself to succeed. Let go of past fears and failures, as you have grown and learned from them. Stop the negative self-talk and behaviors that hold you back. Celebrate even the smallest victories to nurture your sense of achievement. Remember how far you have come and believe in your potential to reach new heights.

The Justice card, reversed, urges you to acknowledge where there is a lack of balance in your life. As a fixed earth sign, it may be challenging to accept the changes needed for harmony. Let go of anything that no longer serves you, whether it's a job, relationship, or habit. Take accountability for your actions and ensure they align with your values. Reflect on your emotional and mental well-being to restore equilibrium.

Under the influence of the Three of Cups, the Full Moon in Capricorn will prompt you to make changes and prioritize meaningful connections. Release any obstacles to forming genuine relationships and learn to balance work and personal life. Let go of draining relationships and make time for loved ones. Seek reciprocity and leave behind any toxic dynamics that no longer serve you.

The Ten of Wands, reversed, advises you to delegate responsibilities and release unnecessary burdens to invite balance into your life. Identify and eliminate anything weighing you down, allowing space for what truly matters. Focus on activities that bring value, joy, and growth, redirecting your energy towards more fulfilling pursuits.

It's crucial for Leo to let go of hesitation and embrace risk-taking to achieve goals. With the Full Moon highlighting responsibilities and daily tasks, pay attention to details and pursue your passions fearlessly. Trust in your abilities, brainstorm strategies, and take decisive action towards your dreams.

The World card, reversed, suggests releasing the past to move forward and find fulfillment. Accept that closure may not always come as expected and focus on personal growth. The Queen of Cups, reversed, advises letting go of codependent relationships and emotional constraints to regain stability. Trust your intuition and prioritize emotional well-being.

The King of Pentacles encourages Scorpio to release self-doubt and distractions to achieve financial and emotional stability. Shift limiting beliefs and focus on abundance. The Chariot, reversed, urges Sagittarius to overcome doubts and bad habits to progress towards financial security. Align actions with intentions and trust in your capabilities.

The Four of Wands, reversed, prompts you to let go of incompatibilities and instabilities in relationships. Communicate needs and set boundaries to maintain emotional stability. The Page of Cups advises releasing cynicism and blockages to embrace creativity and spiritual growth. Seek inspiration and stay gentle with yourself during this healing period.

The Knight of Pentacles encourages you to release lack of focus and initiative to pursue goals diligently. Seek inspiration and eliminate distractions to progress towards your ambitions. Embrace methodical approaches and long-term thinking to achieve success.

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