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Cristiano Ronaldo lucky not to come to harm after confronted by selfie-seekers, coach says

Portugal coach Roberto Martinez warns Cristiano Ronaldo after being approached by fans on the field during European Championship match.

In a recent European Championship match in Dortmund, Germany, Cristiano Ronaldo faced a concerning situation when four supporters breached security to take selfies with him on the field. Despite the potential danger, Ronaldo remained unharmed, much to the relief of Portugal coach Roberto Martinez.

During Portugal's 3-0 victory over Turkey, Ronaldo initially posed for a selfie with a young fan who managed to get past stewards in the 69th minute. However, as the game progressed, two more individuals attempted to do the same, with one even approaching Ronaldo after the final whistle. Security had to intervene to prevent further incidents as Ronaldo left the field.

Martinez expressed his worry over the security breaches, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety of players. While acknowledging the fans' admiration for stars like Ronaldo, Martinez stressed that such behavior was unacceptable on the football pitch. He warned that if not addressed, these incidents could lead to stricter measures in the future.

Ronaldo's teammate Bernardo Silva downplayed the situation, noting that while it was disruptive to have fans enter the field, he did not feel personally threatened. Silva attributed such incidents to the price of fame in the football world, where players like Ronaldo are highly recognized and admired.

Overall, the episode served as a reminder of the need for better security measures to protect players from potential harm caused by overzealous fans seeking selfies or interactions on the field. The incident highlighted the fine line between admiration and intrusion in the world of sports, prompting calls for greater vigilance and respect for players' safety.

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