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Gena Rowlands Alzheimer's diagnosis confirmed by son Nick Cassavetes | Westmeath Independent

Actress Gena Rowlands has Alzheimer's, revealed by son Nick Cassavetes. Heartbreaking news as family copes with her full dementia battle.

Renowned actress and recipient of an honorary Academy Award, Gena Rowlands, has been battling Alzheimer's disease for the past five years, as revealed by her son and filmmaker, Nick Cassavetes. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cassavetes shared the heartbreaking news, shedding light on his mother's journey with the debilitating disease.

The poignant connection between art and reality was evident in the 2004 film, "The Notebook," where Cassavetes directed Rowlands in a role that mirrored her real-life experience with dementia. The authenticity and emotional depth portrayed in the film were a result of their personal conversations about Alzheimer's, a topic that has now become a harsh reality for Rowlands and her family.

With a career spanning over several decades, Rowlands has left an indelible mark on the film industry, starring in iconic films such as "A Woman Under The Influence" and "Gloria," alongside her husband, John Cassavetes. Her talent and dedication to her craft have earned her multiple accolades, including four Emmy awards and an honorary Oscar in 2015.

Despite the challenges posed by Alzheimer's, Rowlands continues to inspire with her resilience and unwavering spirit. Drawing from her own experiences with her mother's battle with the disease, Rowlands brings a depth of emotion and authenticity to her performances that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

As Cassavetes bravely shares his family's journey with Alzheimer's, he serves as a voice for those facing similar struggles, shedding light on the impact of the disease on both individuals and their loved ones. The legacy of Gena Rowlands as a talented actress and a compassionate human being shines through in her unwavering commitment to her craft and her courageous battle against Alzheimer's.

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