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Lauren Boebert mocked sporting fake Trump sneakers election win

Boebert wins Colorado election wearing fake Trump sneakers, sparking online mockery. Trump endorsed her, but her shoes were not original.

On Tuesday, Lauren Boebert secured her first election victory in Colorado's 4th Congressional District, a significant political shift from her previous successful election in 2020 representing the state's 3rd Congressional District. This new district encompasses the rural, conservative eastern part of the state as well as some more competitive Denver suburbs.

The Associated Press (AP) declared Boebert the winner at 9:22 p.m. ET, just half an hour after the polls closed in Colorado. With 74 percent of the votes counted by 10:30 p.m. ET, Boebert had garnered nearly 44 percent of voter support, with the closest competitor, Jerry Sonnenberg, trailing at 14.1 percent.

During her election night celebration, Boebert, a strong ally of former President Trump, sported a white "Make America Great Again" hat with Trump's signature and a pair of gold sneakers reminiscent of those sold by the ex-President. In a lighthearted comment to Westword, Boebert acknowledged that her Trump sneakers were not the original ones sold by Trump, jokingly referring to them as "very China."

Despite the humorous tone, some individuals on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) took the opportunity to mock Boebert for wearing the imitation Trump sneakers. The shoes, which were sold out on the official Trump website, were marked up significantly in price, with one pair listed on eBay for over $450,000.

Trump had previously endorsed Boebert in March on his social media platform, Truth Social, and praised her during a campaign rally in North Carolina. Boebert now looks ahead to the November election, where she will face off against Trisha Calvarese, the winner of the Democratic primary in her district.

Overall, Boebert's victory marks a significant milestone in her political career, showcasing her ability to secure support in a new district and maintain her strong ties to the Trump camp. As she moves forward in her campaign, all eyes will be on her performance in the upcoming general election.

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