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Hillary Clinton: waste of Biden's debate time to rebut Trump nonsense

Hillary Clinton advises Joe Biden not to waste time refuting Trump in debate, predicts Trump's strategies will "fall flat".

Hillary Clinton has expressed her opinion that it would be futile for Joe Biden to engage in a debate with Donald Trump, as she believes it is difficult to decipher Trump's arguments. In a recent New York Times article, Clinton criticized Trump for starting with nonsensical statements and then rambling on incoherently. She noted that Trump's behavior has only worsened since their 2016 debate, where he famously loomed over her in a bizarre manner.

Having also debated Biden in the past, Clinton advised Biden to be direct and forceful in his responses, citing his performance during his State of the Union address in March. She believes that Trump's tactics will fail if Biden maintains a strong presence during the debate. Clinton urged viewers to pay attention to how each candidate speaks about people, their focus on important issues, and the choice between chaos and competence.

In light of Trump's recent legal troubles, including his conviction in a New York criminal case involving hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, Clinton emphasized the importance of choosing between a convicted criminal seeking revenge and a president who delivers results. She believes that this choice is clear regardless of the outcome of the debate. Clinton's comments coincided with the announcement of her upcoming memoir, "Something Lost, Something Gained", which is set to be released before the November election. The memoir will offer her insights on politics, democracy, and the future of the country.

In her book, Clinton will address various topics, including her thoughts on marriage, relationships with other former first ladies, and moving past her presidential aspirations. The 76-year-old former secretary of state aims to provide a warning to American voters and share her unfiltered opinions on the current political landscape. This announcement comes at a time when both political parties are downplaying expectations for the upcoming debate, as they prepare for a highly anticipated clash between the two candidates.

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