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CBS News poll Debate Democrats forceful Biden GOP polite Trump hear issues

Debate viewers want to hear about Biden and Trump's plans and achievements, not critiques. Concerns about mental health and performance.

In the upcoming debate, viewers are eager to hear about Joe Biden and Donald Trump's plans for the country and their accomplishments as president, rather than focusing solely on critiquing each other. There is also a growing concern among voters about the mental and cognitive health of the candidates, a topic that has been raised in previous polls.

While there is a general consensus on what voters want to hear from the candidates, there is a divergence in opinions on how they should deliver their messages. Democrats are looking for a more forceful tone from Mr. Biden, while Republicans prefer a more polite approach from Trump.

Despite many voters claiming they have already made up their minds, there is still a significant portion who are tuning in to see how the candidates perform. Some are even watching for entertainment purposes.

There is a sense of apprehension among Democrats, who are less confident in Mr. Biden's ability to "win" the debate compared to Republicans' confidence in Trump. Democrats feel that Biden needs to avoid mistakes more so than Republicans believe Trump does. Additionally, fewer Democrats plan to watch the debate live.

A significant number of voters are hoping the debate will help them decide who to vote for, particularly younger voters. Overall, voters across the board believe that Trump should adopt a more polite demeanor during the debate, with even a majority of Republicans agreeing.

The top issues on voters' minds include the economy, inflation, democracy, crime, and the border, so viewers will be looking for the candidates' stances on these topics. While some believe the debate could change their opinions, most are watching to see how the candidates address these crucial issues.

Approximately six in 10 voters plan to watch the debate live, with more Republicans than Democrats tuning in. Those who are heavily invested in the presidential campaign are more likely to watch the debate in its entirety.

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