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Grumbling RFK Jr. Solo Debate: Key Points and Quotes

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. crashes Trump-Biden debate, calls out economic policies, abortion stance, and immigration views. Second debate TBD.

Thursday evening's Trump-Biden debate was already chaotic, but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. decided to throw himself into the mix, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the political showdown. Despite not being on the debate stage in Atlanta with Biden and Trump, Kennedy held his own version of the debate, which he called "The Real Debate," live-streamed on X.

Standing on a stage in Los Angeles with Fox Business host John Stossel as the moderator, Kennedy made bold claims about CNN colluding with the major party nominees to keep him out of the debate. He didn't hold back in criticizing both Biden and Trump, particularly focusing on their economic policies and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kennedy slammed Trump for running up the national debt by borrowing trillions of dollars, ultimately burdening future generations with the consequences. He also criticized both presidents for shutting down millions of businesses during the pandemic without due process or compensation, leading to a staggering $34 trillion debt that is unsustainable.

When it came to abortion, Kennedy advocated for limitations on late-term procedures, aligning with European laws and emphasizing the state's interest in protecting viable fetuses. He took a tougher stance on Biden's approach to immigration, acknowledging the rise in crime associated with migrant crossings and questioning the compassion behind the Democrats' policies.

As the presidential race heats up, Kennedy's presence adds a new dynamic to the debates. While his participation in the next debate on ABC is still up in the air, his willingness to challenge the status quo and confront the major party nominees on critical issues sets him apart as a unique and outspoken candidate. Stay tuned for more updates on Kennedy's role in the upcoming debates and the impact he could have on the race for the White House.

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