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My Lady Jane TV Twist: Wildest of the Year

"My Lady Jane" twists Tudor history with magical shapeshifters. Romance and intrigue meet silliness in this lighthearted, inconsistent romantasy series.

"My Lady Jane" is a pseudo-feminist alt-Tudor history show that takes a wild and unexpected turn right from the start. The show introduces viewers to a teenage Jane who is not your typical historical figure. Instead of being executed after a short reign, Jane is portrayed as a medical prodigy who cures her friend's STI in the 16th century. When faced with an arranged marriage for political reasons, Jane decides to make a run for it with her maid, Susannah. However, things take a bizarre turn when Susannah transforms into a bird and flies away, revealing a world where many characters have the ability to shapeshift into animals.

The show is a mix of palace intrigue, shifting political alliances, and unexpected magical elements. Characters like Guildford, Jane's husband, transform into animals during the day and return to human form at night. These shapeshifters, known as Ethians, must keep their abilities secret to avoid persecution. The show's creators have labeled it as a "romantasy," blending elements of fantasy and romance with a lighthearted tone reminiscent of "Ella Enchanted."

While "My Lady Jane" offers moments of frothy fun and whimsical charm, the inconsistent tone and abundance of fantastical elements sometimes detract from the emotional depth of the story. The show's unique blend of historical drama and magical realism may leave viewers scratching their heads at times, but it certainly delivers a fresh take on the classic Tudor narrative. With unexpected twists, quirky characters, and a healthy dose of silliness, "My Lady Jane" is a delightful romp through an alternate Tudor England where anything can happen.

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