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George Russell wins Austrian Grand Prix despite team boss's mistake

Mercedes boss almost causes crash by shouting encouragement to surprise Austrian Grand Prix winner George Russell, who fended off rivals.

Surprising everyone, George Russell emerged as the unexpected winner of the Austrian Grand Prix, securing his second Formula One career victory. The Mercedes driver revealed that his team boss, Toto Wolff, almost caused him to crash after he took the lead during Sunday's race. Wolff, who had not seen his team win a race since 2022, enthusiastically shouted over the radio, "George, you can win this," without realizing Russell's position on the track.

Russell, in the midst of defending his lead against McLaren's Oscar Piastri, urged Wolff to let him focus on driving. Reflecting on the intense moment, Russell shared with reporters, "It was pretty difficult. And then suddenly I had Toto screaming in my ear, 'you can win this'. And I almost crashed when he screamed into my ears. It was that loud." Despite the chaotic radio communication, Russell appreciated the shared passion within the team and celebrated their return to the winner's circle after a challenging period.

The victory at the Austrian Grand Prix marked Mercedes' first win since Russell's triumph in Brazil in November 2022. Wolff, acknowledging his spontaneous and potentially risky message to Russell during the race, admitted, "I will be forever ashamed because you look at where you message the driver and you don't do it during braking or in high-speed corners." The team boss recognized the emotional nature of the moment and expressed regret for his impulsive actions.

Mercedes has shown significant improvement since the beginning of the season, with Russell securing pole position in Canada and finishing third, while Lewis Hamilton claimed third place in Spain. Despite these positive results, the team remains aware of the competitive landscape, with Red Bull and McLaren still leading the pack. Russell acknowledged the progress made by Mercedes and remained optimistic about their performance in upcoming races.

Reflecting on the team's recent achievements, Russell emphasized the hard work put in by the entire Mercedes team. He noted, "The team have worked so hard. We've made so many strides since the start of the season. The last three races have been incredible so, more to come." With a focus on consistently securing podium finishes and capitalizing on opportunities, Mercedes aims to continue their upward trajectory in the Formula One championship.

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