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Simone Biles husband Jonathan Owens NFL practice support Olympics

NFL player Jonathan Owens to support wife Simone Biles at Olympics, taking time off training camp with the Chicago Bears.

On the cusp of his first game with the Chicago Bears, NFL player Jonathan Owens is gearing up to support his wife Simone Biles as she vies for more gold at the upcoming Olympics. Biles shared with reporters that Owens has requested time off from training camp with his new team to be by her side during this crucial time.

The decorated Olympian expressed her gratitude for having her husband's support, emphasizing the significance of being there for each other's dreams and goals. Biles, who secured a spot on her third Olympic team, reflected on the rarity of aligning their schedules and the importance of showing up for one another when they can.

Owens, who was spotted at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships last month, was seen keeping score and fully immersing himself in the sport to support his wife. Biles revealed that Owens' eagerness to learn and engage with gymnastics led him to take on the role of keeping score during the competition.

The couple's mutual support and shared passion for their respective endeavors have been a source of strength and joy for both Biles and Owens. Biles previously opened up about how her perspective on gymnastics has evolved since getting married, emphasizing the importance of having a life outside of the sport and cherishing the moments spent with her husband, dogs, and home.

As they continue to navigate their busy schedules and support each other's pursuits, the bond between Biles and Owens serves as a testament to the power of love, dedication, and unwavering support in achieving one's dreams. Their commitment to each other and their shared journey exemplify the true essence of partnership and mutual encouragement in the face of challenges and triumphs.

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