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Unlock All Descendants in The First Descendant - Ultimate Guide

Unlock all Descendants in The First Descendant for free with our guide. From tanks to healers, there's a pick for everyone.

In order to fully immerse yourself in the world of The First Descendant, it is crucial to unlock all of the Descendants available. Each of these unique and powerful characters comes with specific abilities and skills that cater to various playstyles and situations. Whether you prefer to be a tank, focus on crowd control, or deal damage over time, there is a Descendant for everyone. However, obtaining all of these characters can be time-consuming, as they require either spending money or grinding extensively. For those who choose the latter, we have compiled a guide to help you unlock all characters without spending a single penny.

One of the initial Descendants you will encounter in The First Descendant is Bunny. Despite her cheerful demeanor, Bunny is a formidable damage dealer who specializes in inflicting damage over time effects. Acquiring Bunny during the main story is essential, and here are the materials required to unlock her:

For a detailed guide on unlocking Bunny, refer to our comprehensive guide.

Gley, another powerful Descendant, is a top-tier damage dealer who requires some grinding to unlock. Don't be fooled by her intellectual appearance; Gley possesses skills that make her a valuable asset in battles. To unlock Gley, you will need the following materials:

Freyna is a Descendant focused on spreading poison to enemies, making her an excellent choice for players who enjoy a damage-over-time playstyle. With skills that allow her to spread poison upon taking damage, Freyna is an ideal choice for beginners.

Sharen, on the other hand, excels in a stealthy approach, possessing skills that stun enemies and enable her to hide effectively. Unlocking Sharen early on can provide a strategic advantage in battles.

Blair embodies the mage archetype perfectly, making him a must-have for players who prefer this playstyle. Despite lacking crowd control skills, Blair's fiery abilities compensate for it, making him a valuable addition to any team.

Jaybe, the engineer-like Descendant, is ideal for players who enjoy supporting teammates or utilizing inventions in battle. With the ability to summon turrets for damage and healing, Jaybe is a versatile character suitable for various playstyles.

Lepic, a tank character, is capable of absorbing damage while dealing significant damage with explosive skills. His resilience and offensive capabilities make him a valuable asset in challenging battles.

Viessa may be chosen for her beauty, but her skills as a cold-hearted killer should not be underestimated. With the ability to inflict debuffs and freeze enemies, Viessa is a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Ajax's strength lies in teamwork, with shields, barriers, and stun skills that make him a force to be reckoned with when part of a coordinated team.

Valby's playstyle revolves around drowning enemies, leaving puddles and trapping foes in bubbles. His strategic abilities make him a valuable addition to any team.

Kyle's playstyle focuses on close-quarters combat, blending aspects of a scrapper and tank for players who prefer engaging enemies up close.

Yujin, the game's true healer, is essential for challenging co-op missions, making him a valuable asset for players aiming to tackle difficult content.

Enzo, a support character, excels in resupplying teammates and providing buffs to enhance their performance in battle.

Esiemo, the saboteur, specializes in throwing grenades and dealing massive damage to enemies, making him a formidable DPS character in the early stages of the game.

Unlocking Ultimate Descendants in The First Descendant requires patience and dedication due to the high material requirements. Prepare for long weekly grinds to acquire these powerful characters.

Ultimately, the choice of which Descendant to unlock first is yours. Whether you prioritize aesthetics or performance in specific content, each character offers unique abilities and playstyles. While unlocking all characters may require extensive grinding, the reward of assembling a diverse team of Descendants is well worth the effort. So, if you're willing to invest the time and patience, start your journey to unlock these incredible characters and dominate the battlefield.

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