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Xbox global outage: Users unable to log in or play games - CTN News

Xbox users worldwide face major outage preventing access to games and accounts, impacting various platforms, with ongoing investigation underway.

CTN News has reported that there is currently a significant data outage affecting the Xbox gaming service, rendering it inaccessible to users worldwide. This outage has prevented customers from accessing their individual accounts and playing games, causing frustration and inconvenience for gamers everywhere.

Despite their best efforts to access the online gaming platform, many players have reported that it has been offline for at least three hours, with a considerable number of users contributing to the dissemination of this information. Whether playing games offline or in the cloud, customers have been unable to connect to their Xbox accounts and play their favorite games, further exacerbating the issue.

Some customers have been disconnected from Xbox Live, a fact that is currently being recognized and investigated by the Xbox team. The Xbox status page is displaying information about the ongoing outage, affecting platforms such as cloud gaming, Xbox One consoles, Xbox on Windows, Android devices, Apple devices, and web services.

The Xbox team has provided a potential explanation for the situation, stating that users may experience difficulties signing into their profiles, being disconnected while signed in, or encountering other related issues. The team discovered the issue at 14:07 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), with reports and complaints flooding Downdetector since the outage began.

Players experiencing service issues have reported being unable to access their accounts to play games and experiencing technical difficulties with the servers. These issues have been brought to the attention of administrators, highlighting the impact of the outage on gaming experiences.

This outage is reminiscent of a global outage that occurred in May 2022, affecting various services such as games, cloud gaming, remote play, the Store, and subscriptions. The disruptions caused by the outage have once again highlighted the importance of reliable and consistent online gaming services for players worldwide.

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