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Forgotten History Thanksgiving Maine
  • 23rd Nov 2023

Forgotten History Thanksgiving Maine

Vestryman Fred French impressed 16 dinner guests with a classic 1878 Thanksgiving feast. Maine's Thanksgiving history is brimming with stories.

Alabama brawl spotlights Montgomery's racial history
  • 9th Aug 2023

Alabama brawl spotlights Montgomery's racial history

A viral video of a brawl in Montgomery, Alabama, has sparked conversations about racial tensions in America. Arrest warrants have been issued for three men involved in the altercation, but no hate crime or racially biased charges have been filed. Historians note that Montgomery has a storied racial history, including its role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the Civil Rights Movement. The city is often called the "Cradle of the Confederacy" and was ground zero for protests against segregation. Montgomery elected its first Black mayor in 2019.

What news can we find under Abraham Lincoln News Section?

Engaging with Abraham Lincoln: A Journey through Time

Ever browsed about Abraham Lincoln and wondered, "What news content can I find?" Well, hold onto your hat because we're diving deep into the past of this iconic figure. This journey is anything but ordinary, so get ready!

We primarily encounter Abraham Lincoln in our school history textbooks - remember those dusty old things? Yes! They are often the first places that introduce us to political behemoths like Honest Abe. Pages filled with facts regarding his 'life', 'presidency', and 'legacy'. From these textbooks, we learn about moments that shook America —events such as the Civil War or assassination.

"Okay," you might say, "but what else? Surely there's more out there!" And you'd be right! Delving beyond typical historical recounts allows us access to even richer content. Sources such as newspapers from Lincoln's time offer fresh perspectives on how contemporaries viewed him. Do they paint an unvarnished likeness of Abe or one tinged by biases of their age?

Beyond actual news pieces from yesteryears (think authentic paper manuscripts akin to hidden treasure chests), there's a plethora online sources examining different aspects of Lincoln’s life — exploring his presidency during one of America's tumultuous periods; delving into his personal relationships ("was he truly 'Honest' Abe at home too?") ; dissecting famous speeches like The Gettysburg Address... just imagine walking alongside him whilst history unfolds!

The scope for understanding Abraham Lincoln extends so much further than traditional spaces—period dramas or movies such as Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln', documentaries and biographies all add diverse layers to portray a more rounded picture—a depiction not merely confined within textbook pages.

In closing, studying what exists under 'Abraham Lincoln' isn't akin to trudging down some dreary learning lane ; rather it’s embarking upon an exciting voyage – uncovering nuanced dimensions while learning about American society over time.

Fascinated yet? Ready set go...dive straight back into history!

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