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America Exceptional 4th July BorderLine

Celebrate America's exceptionalism this Independence Day. Embrace our history, respect the Constitution, and unite to safeguard our nation's future.

As we celebrate Independence Day, it is important to reflect on the remarkable existence of the United States of America. Having arrived in America in 1975, I vividly recall the differences I encountered in my new country compared to France and England. The daily pledge of allegiance to the flag was a unique tradition that highlighted the patriotism ingrained in American culture.

Princeton, my new hometown, played a significant role in American history, being the site of a Revolutionary War battle and briefly serving as the U.S. capital. The Bicentennial celebration in 1976 commemorated the signing of the Declaration of Independence in nearby Philadelphia, emphasizing the historical significance of the event.

Studying American history in school revealed the exceptional nature of this country, setting it apart from challengers like China, Iran, or Russia. Despite being a relatively young nation, the progress made in just a few lifetimes is astounding. The evolution from a time when one human could own another to the present day reflects the transformative journey of the United States.

The Constitution, crafted by brilliant minds of the past, remains a beacon of governance for a free society. Its enduring principles, including the Bill of Rights, have guided the nation through changing times. The importance of respecting the separation of powers and upholding the rule of law cannot be overstated in preserving the foundation of our democracy.

While disagreements may arise over court decisions and policies, it is essential to maintain respect for the institutions that uphold the rule of law. Vilifying individual justices or seeking to pack the court undermines the integrity of the judicial system. Upholding the principles of democracy requires a collective effort to defend the rule of law and preserve the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

The current divisions in American society underscore the need for a deeper understanding of our history and a commitment to upholding the values that define our nation. The responsibility to defend the rules that govern our society falls on every citizen, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement and knowledge of our shared history.

As we navigate the challenges of our time, it is crucial to remember the words of John Winthrop and Ronald Reagan, envisioning America as a shining city upon a hill. The metaphor underscores the importance of maintaining order and security within our borders to safeguard our civilization. The lessons of history remind us that neglecting the protection of our nation can lead to its downfall, as seen in the rise and fall of past empires.

Looking ahead, there is hope for a brighter future as we work towards overcoming our differences and embracing the greatness that lies ahead. Trusting in the resilience of the American spirit and the dedication of future generations, we can strive towards a future filled with promise and prosperity. On this July 4th, let us celebrate the enduring values that define our nation and inspire us to continue building a better tomorrow.

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