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State Farm Marketing Head on Kelce-Swift Stunt: Unlocking the 'Lightning-in-a-Bottle' Marketing Phenomenon
  • 24th Oct 2023

State Farm Marketing Head on Kelce-Swift Stunt: Unlocking the 'Lightning-in-a-Bottle' Marketing Phenomenon

State Farm has been expanding its media strategy to engage young customers, using digital and mobile channels like TikTok and esports. The insurance company has also signed a name, image, and likeness deal with college basketball player Caitlin Clark and capitalized on fan excitement around Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce's relationship. State Farm's Head of Marketing, Alyson Griffin, discusses the company's marketing approach and plans for Q4.

NFL Scores Big In Advertising Effectiveness Bowl
  • 11th Sep 2023

NFL Scores Big In Advertising Effectiveness Bowl

Super Bowl advertisers achieved significant gains in engagement and effectiveness, according to research by EDO. Advertisers spent $3.7bn on ads during the NFL regular season, which had an engagement rate 20% higher than the broadcast primetime average. During the playoffs, advertisers spent $632m, achieving an engagement rate 19% higher than the primetime average. Super Bowl LVII saw advertisers spend $757m, with an engagement rate 221% higher than the primetime average. The NFL had five of the top ten programs for TV advertising effectiveness, with Thanksgiving Day and Thursday Night Football games proving particularly impactful.

What news can we find under Advertisement film News Section?

Understanding the World of Advertisement Film

Hello everyone, there's an intriguing world out there that you might not be entirely familiar with. Have you ever stopped to ponder what goes on behind the scenes of those persuasive advertisement films we see daily? Well, it's more complex and exciting than most people realize.

The key topic falls under something colloquially known as 'Ad Films.' But what does this mean? Picture a mini-story conveying crucial messages for brands in less than 60 seconds - yes, that’s what Ad Films are all about!

In news around advertising films, we often find multiple subtopics including innovation in ad technology or break-through advertisements creating significant social impact. There could be interesting pieces discussing how marketers craft their stories to resonate emotionally with us; or narrative techniques used customizing content according to different global markets. Isn't it fascinating?

Digging even deeper into the topic would reveal articles about decisions made by disciplinary bodies against misleading ads—we've always wondered who lays down these rules right?. Equally captivating can be profiles of directors specializing in making advertisement films—did anyone mention Ridley Scott who started his directing journey doing commercials?

We also find updates on measuring ad film efficiency: How many eyeballs did they attract? Did they improve brand image or sales numbers - let’s accept it: at times these hard stats become quite baffling! Yet aren’t they important too!

So here's our invitation: delve a little deeper into this space and unmask the magic behind those mesmerizing video bytes trying to woo your shopping decisions after all. Like mirrors reflecting society through adverts' prism—it gives insights beyond mere consumerism; wouldn't you agree?

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