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Rita Moreno Trump Sandwich Recipe Applause

Rita Moreno unveils "Trump Sandwich" recipe on "The View" and boldly declares she won't vote for someone with 91 indictments.

Rita Moreno made a memorable appearance on "The View" where she shared a humorous recipe for a "Trump Sandwich" that had the audience and hosts in stitches. The actress, promoting her new movie "The Prank," took a moment to deliver a joke she recently heard at a deli in LA.

Describing the "Trump Sandwich" as two slices of white bread, bologna, and a small pickle, Moreno had everyone laughing and applauding. The hosts praised her comedic timing and wit, with Sunny Hostin calling it a "chef's kiss" moment.

However, Moreno also took a serious tone when discussing Trump's legal issues, stating, "I am not about to vote for someone who has 91 indictments against him for criminal activities." She emphasized the importance of looking at the accomplishments of other candidates, like Biden, instead.

The conversation turned to politics, with Moreno and the hosts agreeing on the importance of integrity in leadership. Moreno's candid remarks resonated with the audience, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in politics.

Overall, Moreno's appearance on "The View" was a perfect blend of humor and insight, showcasing her talent as both an entertainer and a thoughtful commentator on current events.

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