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France condemns Gabon coup
  • 30th Aug 2023

France condemns Gabon coup

France condemns the military coup in Gabon, where President Ali Bongo Ondimba was toppled, marking a setback for Paris in Africa.

What news can we find under Chad News Section?

Let's Dive into Chadian News!

So, you're curious about what's happening in Chad, right? Let me tell you, it's a mix of culture, politics and economic activities with a hint of climate change issues thrown into the picture. Just like peeling an onion layer by layer, there is always another story underneath.

"But why should I be interested in news from chad?", I hear you ask. Well here’s why - Chad has an intriguing blend of more than 200 ethnic groups each contributing to rich traditions and cultures that are worth exploring.'N'djamena', ever heard of it? Well if not here is the tea- It serves as both their cultural hub and capital city.

The Political Beat

If politics gets your pulse racing (or even if it just awakens mild interest) then news from this region will seldom disappoint. Civil unrest?, drastic policy changes?, historic summits? - You name it! Intriguing political machinations often dominate the headlines across various media platforms.

Economic Developments Unearthed

I bet most didn’t know that oil exportation plays such a pivotal role in Chad’s economy or did they?. In fact being one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s significant crude oil reserve holders makes this country's economic news gripping for all 'smart money' enthusiasts out there. Still think Chadian news lacks depth and diversity?

Nature on The Brink: Climate Change Impact


This ain't just something exclusive to Al Gore folks! With elements like Lake Chad drastically shrinking due to desertification impact, environmental concerns are gradually making headways in discussions on Chadian landscapes.

In conclusion,
Every corner of our world has stories to tell which includes our friend here; "Chad". Diverse dynamics explored through different perspectives give us insights we might otherwise miss out on.Chances are high there'll always be more than meets the eye.What might appear mundane at first glance could very easily veer off into uncharted territory-so take my word for it – checking up under ‘news’ category for “Chad” can yield quite interesting reads.

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