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Drew Barrymore approached by alleged stalker onstage, escorted off

Drew Barrymore was escorted offstage during a live event after a man rushed the stage and claimed to know her.

In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore was unexpectedly interrupted during a live event this week. A member of the audience rushed the stage, claiming, "you know who I am." The incident, captured in a circulating online video, occurred while Barrymore was engaging in a conversation with singer and actor Reneé Rapp at a New York event.

Initially taken aback by the interruption, Barrymore managed to respond with a surprised, "Oh my God, yes, hi." However, her quick-thinking companion, Rapp, promptly escorted her backstage as the man approached the stage. The intruder, identifying himself as Chad Michael Busto, insisted on seeing Barrymore while she was in New York.

Thankfully, two security guards swiftly intervened, preventing the man from reaching the stage. Meanwhile, Barrymore and Rapp were overheard discussing the incident backstage before the microphones were cut and the stage momentarily emptied. However, they soon returned to the stage, where they were met with applause from the audience.

Amidst the commotion, Barrymore expressed her admiration for Rapp's protective instincts, stating, "I have a new definition of your sexiness." She likened Rapp's actions to that of a full-fledged bodyguard, further emphasizing her appreciation by standing up to embrace her companion. In response, Rapp humbly accepted the comparison, stating, "I'll be that."

As news of the incident spread, representatives for both Barrymore and Rapp have been approached for comment by NBC News. Surprisingly, the New York City Police Department has confirmed that no reports have been filed regarding the incident.

This unexpected interruption during Drew Barrymore's live event showcases the unpredictable nature of public appearances and the need for heightened security measures. Despite the disruption, Barrymore and Rapp handled the situation with grace and returned to the stage to continue their engaging conversation. It is a testament to their professionalism and the resilience of live performances.

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