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  • 12th Oct 2023

"2024 Social Security COLA Increase: Announced This Week, Here's What We Know"

Social Security recipients may receive a significantly lower cost-of-living adjustment for 2024, with estimates around 3.2%. This increase may not be enough to sustain the cost of living for most beneficiaries. Medicare Part B premiums are also expected to increase. The official adjustment will be announced on Thursday.

SOFI Stock Rally: Thriving Comeback Kid in 2023's Second Half
  • 1st Aug 2023

SOFI Stock Rally: Thriving Comeback Kid in 2023's Second Half

SoFi Technologies may benefit from easing inflation and is gaining favor among investors. It aims to disrupt traditional banking and appeals to a younger demographic. Despite some analysts' pessimism, the unique fintech firm has potential for a longer-term rally.

What news can we find under Consumer price index News Section?

Demystifying the Consumer Price Index

Hello there! Ever wondered how we determine whether the cost of living has increased or decreased? My friend, meet the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a crucial tool for understanding our economy. But what does it mean, and more importantly – how does it affect us?

The CPI measures changes in consumption costs by considering an array of products and services that you and I use daily - think Uncle Bob's beloved coffee, Aunt June's pharmacy prescriptions, or even your monthly Netflix subscription. It tracks their prices over time to give a ‘snapshot’ into inflation or deflation trends.

What News Content Can We Find Under The Topic Consumer Price Index?

We could liken news under this topic to a spicy stew simmering on high heat; each ingredient (or item) revealing its effect on price as the dish comes together. For instance, news articles might report rapid increases in fuel prices based on tensions in the Middle East. Can you feel your grocery bills breathe as fuel-driven transportation becomes costlier?

Rising rents making your wallet whimper every month-end? That’s another hot ingredient analysis might focus on if dwelling costs spike upward.

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