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Find Taylor Swift's '1989 Puzzles'
  • 19th Sep 2023

Find Taylor Swift's '1989 Puzzles'

Taylor Swift fans are going wild trying to solve Google puzzles to unlock the track titles from her upcoming re-recorded album.

What news can we find under Mastering (audio) News Section?

So, you've been wondering what news content one might uncover under the intriguing topic: Mastering (audio)? Let's dive right in!

An Overview on Audio Mastering

When it comes to audio production, mastering is indeed the last and arguably most important step. But do you know why? Think of it like putting final touches on a painting - no masterpiece would ever be complete without those precise strokes! Similarly, mastering adds value by ensuring that your mix sounds polished and professional across various playback devices.

New Trends

The world of audio mastering isn’t static—you’ll find numerous stories about its evolution with technological advancement. Did you hear about AI’s inception into the process? Imagine replacing human ears with robots who perfect audio output based on algorithms— that's exactly what we're talking about!

Software Updates & Platforms

Dig deeper into developments in softwares which facilitate this refining process- Pro Tools or Logic Pro X anyone? You can also find updates from popular platforms such as Landr or Soundcloud where artists share their mastered tracks. Interesting debates often emerge over analogue versus digital methods too– kindling some exciting controversies for us audiophiles!

Pioneers and Game-Changers​

Beyond technology, we have stories featuring those behind-the-scenes maestros pioneering innovations within this field—an inspirational read for budding sound engineers out there! Say hello to giants like Bernie Grundman or listen to tales whispered of Darcy Proper—one of few women trailblazing her path amidst an industry predominantly manned by males.

To conclude?
There's always something newsworthy happening in the realm of audio mastering—whether it pertains to technological innovation, lively debates or awe-inspiring individuals... See for yourself!

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