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Tennessee football punter Jackson Ross: Australian player's dislike for Outback Steakhouse
  • 2nd Sep 2023

Tennessee football punter Jackson Ross: Australian player's dislike for Outback Steakhouse

Tennessee punter Jackson Ross, originally from Australia, has taken a unique path to college football. He has mastered various punting techniques and has worked with a former NFL Pro Bowler. Ross has also adapted to American food and has a preference for Raising Canes Chicken Fingers. He attended Haileybury College in Melbourne and played for the Hawthorn Football Club before transitioning to college football. Ross is considered a tremendous athlete and has impressed with his throwing arm. He believes he is better than Coach Heupel, but Heupel disagrees. Ross has spent years kicking and punting footballs, making it a natural skill for him. He has gradually learned American football and is now a redshirt freshman at Tennessee.

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