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Radio host criticizes stadium rules for upcoming Taylor Swift tour

Radio host Brendan 'Fev' Fevola criticizes ban on carabiners at Taylor Swift concerts in Australia, sparking outrage over 'excessive' rules.

Australian radio host Brendan 'Fev' Fevola recently expressed his frustration with the new rules banning the use of carabiners at the upcoming Taylor Swift concerts for her Eras Tour in Australia in February. The carabiners are used by Swifties to hold their many friendship bracelets, which they trade with other fans during Taylor Swift concerts. Frontier Touring announced that friendship bracelets are allowed but must be worn on patrons' arms and not on carabiners at the Melbourne's MCG and Sydney's Accor Stadium. They also stated that carabiners, d-rings, and other items are strictly prohibited, and while friendship bracelets can be in a single allowed bag, they cannot be in their own separate bag.

Fevola, along with co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cody, discussed their frustration with these rules on their radio show. Fevola mentioned that his daughters have crafted up to 50 bracelets, while others have made more than 400, and expressed concern that they wouldn't be able to wear all of them on their wrists as required. Co-host Nick also chimed in, stating that Australia seems to have an excessive number of rules and loves to enforce them.

Another banned item that stirred the radio hosts' frustration was battery packs. Fifi mentioned that people were furious about this rule, as they might need to charge their devices after being at the concert venue all day. A caller named Ash expressed her disappointment with the friendship bracelets issue, stating that people have put a lot of time, love, energy, and money into making these bracelets, only to be told they can't bring them to the concert.

As the conversation continued, it became apparent that the main cause of frustration was the lack of reasoning behind the rule to ban carabiners. Ash mentioned that there was no explanation given for the rule, which contributed to everyone's anger. She also mentioned that she saw numerous Facebook groups where people were planning to hide friendship bracelets in their clothing to smuggle them into the concert venue.

The hosts were surprised by this revelation, with Fifi jokingly referring to it as "smuggling in friendship bracelets." Nick also made a lighthearted remark about the insignias on illicit pills, but it was clarified that this was not the reason for the ban on carabiners. Instead, the hosts continued to express their frustration with what they perceived as excessive rules in Australia.

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