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Dig into 4 Earth Day books
  • 15th Apr 2024

Dig into 4 Earth Day books

Discover captivating books at Seattle Public Library to celebrate Earth Day, from fungi to climate change, offering diverse perspectives and inspiration.

Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird Flaunt Swanky New York Apartment
  • 1st Aug 2023

Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird Flaunt Swanky New York Apartment

USWNT player Megan Rapinoe and retired WNBA legend Sue Bird discuss the design elements of their New York City home in the latest issue of ELLE DECOR. The couple enlisted the help of designer Mark Grattan to create their 1,650 square foot pied-à-terre, which features high ceilings, great views, and a rooftop terrace. Rapinoe and Bird chose New York because it feels like home to them and plan to build a future there. Rapinoe recently announced her retirement at the end of the NWSL season.

What news can we find under Pacific Northwest News Section?

Unveiling the Wonders and Challenges of the Pacific Northwest

Ever wondered what's buzzing in that lush, rain-drenched corner of America known as the Pacific Northwest (PNW)? Well, let me take you on a whirlwind tour! This region is a treasure trove of stories where every nook crannies with news ranging from environmental marvels to progressive cultural shifts — not to mention a coffee scene that could rival any legendary pantheon!

Aren't you curious about those towering evergreens and expansive coastlines? Of course, they're more than just Instagram fodder. Conservation efforts and climate change impacts often steal headlines here. Stories emerge detailing heroic reforestation initiatives or communities banding together to combat rising sea levels. And then we've got the tech news; think Silicon Valley with more umbrellas! After all, Seattle isn't just about throwing fish at Pike Place Market; it's a hotspot for innovation with giants like Amazon and Microsoft changing our digital landscape daily.

But wait—there's more brewing in this misty haven than groundbreaking software updates. Social movements find fertile ground in these parts too. From ground-shaking protests for racial equality to bold policy changes pushing towards sustainable living practices, PNW is never short on societal evolutions worth yakking about over your morning cuppa Joe.

All work and no play? Not here! The recreational activities could fill an entire catalogue: imagine tales of thrill-seekers conquering Mount Rainier or serene articles exploring quaint bookstores tucked away in Portland’s quirky neighborhoods. Foodies also hit pay dirt here—with innovative farm-to-table experiences making waves across local eateries—where each bite comes packed with flavors almost as diverse as the population itself.

In essence, scouring through Pacific Northwest content is much like wandering its storied forests—you'll encounter fascinating wildlife (news) at every turn punctuated by rare splendors only found among these complex ecosystems of narratives... Always keeping readers coming back for another peek into its depths."Doesn’t it sound splendidly captivating?"

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