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Tom Holland Hails his Sober Journey as
  • 11th Jul 2023

Tom Holland Hails his Sober Journey as "The Best Decision of my Life"

British actor Tom Holland revealed in a podcast interview that he quit drinking in January after a "very, very boozy" holiday season. Holland, best known for his role as Spider-Man, said that he initially decided to give up alcohol for January, but extended it to February after experiencing intense cravings. As he continued his alcohol pause, Holland began to feel the pressure of England's drinking culture. However, he said he turned a corner and became the "happiest" he has ever been in June. Holland's decision also inspired his mother to go sober.

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We can start off with the most obvious – new pub openings. Hot spots in town are always popping up like mushrooms after rain! Here you'll find reviews as well as hype-building articles. Plus who doesn't love reading about the newest place to wind down?

Moving on, there's plenty of drama, too! Famous pubs may attract celebrities, and where celebrities go, scandal often follows. From Hollywood A-listers having secret rendezvous to local heroes celebrating victories, trust me when I say it never gets dull.

However, not forgetting the main reason we all think of pubs - for their delightful beverages. What kind of beer is in trend or how about some exotic cocktails? Or even more fascinating- facts about brewing itself are topics that'll keep your thirst quenched!

You know how they say don’t drink on an empty stomach? Pubs play gourmet these days and recipes from master chefs behind pub grub could set your tastebuds merely by reading them. Intriguing isn’t it?

Beyond all this bustle lies a sober reality though; reports on laws and regulations impacting these establishments highly influence our choices too- right from drinking age limits to closing times across different regions.

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