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Marilee Fiebig Andrew Shue TJ Holmes Amy Robach Former Spouses Dating Bonding Traumatic Cheating Experience

Former spouses of Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, are now involved in a genuine relationship.

According to a source, the relationship between Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue is considered to be genuine, surpassing the level of the relationship between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes. Fiebig, who was previously married to Holmes, and Shue, who was married to Robach, have allegedly been dating for around six months. They have found common ground in the shared experience of witnessing the public dissolution of their marriages when their scandalous affair was first exposed in November 2022.

The couple has grown closer after their broken marriages and are connected over their values. They have moved on from the previous hurt and emotional distress and are not heartbroken and sad anymore. Fiebig, who works as an attorney, settled her divorce proceedings with Holmes in October 2023. Shue, a former soccer star and actor known for his role in Melrose Place, finalized his divorce in March.

The revelation comes at a time when the former news anchor couple appears to have taken their own relationship to a new stage. Holmes and Robach have relaunched their careers through the new iHeartRadio podcast Amy & TJ podcast and have been talking about the tumultuous aftermath of their affair, which led to both losing their positions on GMA. They have rejected accusations of being 'adulterers,' claiming that they were already well into the process of divorcing their respective spouses when their affair was exposed.

Holmes and Robach enjoyed nearly two years as on-air favorites, building apparent chemistry and openly expressing their growing friendship. It was later revealed that during the last six months of their tenure on GMA, the married co-stars were involved in more than just a shared love of running.

The reported affair played a significant role in the pair's respective divorces, despite any attempts to present it differently. According to insiders, it's not mere chance that Robach, at 50, shared vacation photos with Shue in Greece in July 2022, just three months before her involvement with Holmes was publicly revealed. As for Holmes, sources told the outlet that he and Fiebig were still "very much together" when they marked his birthday with a celebration in the Bahamas that August.

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