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Rivian Stock: Triple Whammy Impact
  • 6th Oct 2023

Rivian Stock: Triple Whammy Impact

Rivian's announcement of $1.5 billion in convertible notes has caused concern among shareholders, as it implies a continuing cash burn and lack of future revenue. The company also reported a net loss of around $720 million for the fourth quarter. Rivian stock traded down by about 20%.

McDonald's announces return of McRib, scarcity marketing enters new chapter
  • 4th Oct 2023

McDonald's announces return of McRib, scarcity marketing enters new chapter

McDonald's is bringing back the McRib sandwich, using scarcity marketing to create consumer urgency and drive sales. The success of the McRib has even sparked competition in the fast-food industry. McDonald's has a positive financial performance and is an attractive investment for income-focused investors.

Billionaire Investors Load Up on Apple Stock: Should You?
  • 12th Sep 2023

Billionaire Investors Load Up on Apple Stock: Should You?

Billionaire investors are loading up on Apple stock, prompting retail investors to take a closer look. Apple's iPhone ecosystem is strong, and the company continues to share its success with shareholders. While there are concerns about declining sales and a high valuation, many believe Apple is still a good long-term pick.

Why Uber Stock Declined Today
  • 1st Aug 2023

Why Uber Stock Declined Today

Uber's shares fell 5.2% after concerns about slowing growth overshadowed the company's first-ever quarterly operating profit.

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