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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Stock Forecast: $440.00 Per Share In 2023 With Positive Signs.

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According to Wall Street analysts, the consensus price target for this stock is $396.64. This means that bulls would need to push the stock price up by 17.37% from its current value to reach this target. Analyst projections indicate that the stock could reach a low of $298.10 or a high of $440.00. To reach the high end of the forecast, the stock would need to experience a significant decrease of -34.26% from its current level. Conversely, to reach the projected low, the stock would need to decrease by 9.04%.

When examining Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), it is evident that its share prices have outperformed other companies in the same industry. Over the past six months, the company's shares have risen by 14.53%, and its annual growth rate of 11.11% falls slightly below the industry average of 13.00%. Analysts have also increased their fiscal year 2023 revenue estimates for Microsoft Corporation. They predict a 12.80% increase in revenue for the current quarter and a 14.20% increase in the next quarter. The year-over-year growth rate is expected to be 11.10%, surpassing the previous year's performance.

Based on consensus estimates provided by 32 financial analysts, Microsoft Corporation is projected to generate an average of $54.49 billion in revenue for the current quarter. For the quarter ending in December 2023, analysts expect the company to generate $58.43 billion in revenue. Furthermore, the current quarter sales are forecasted to increase by 9.80%.

Over the past five years, Microsoft Corporation has shown a positive earnings growth rate of 35.37%. Looking ahead, earnings are expected to increase by 12.28% in 2023, with a positive outlook of 14.44% per year for the next five years.

In terms of dividends, Microsoft Corporation's next quarterly earnings report is scheduled for release on October 24. The stock has an annual dividend yield of 0.87% and an annual dividend per share of 2.86. However, it is important to consider various factors before making any investment decisions, as the dividend yield ratio should only be used as a guide.

Examining major shareholders, it is revealed that insiders hold 0.05% of Microsoft Corporation shares, while institutional investors hold 73.21%. The stock's share float is currently at 73.25%. Among institutional investors, Vanguard Group Inc is the largest, holding 8.79% of the shares, which amounts to approximately 653.25 million shares worth $222.46 billion as of June 29, 2023.

The second-largest holder of Microsoft Corporation shares is Blackrock Inc., with a stake of 7.22% or 536.25 million shares worth $182.61 billion as of June 29, 2023.

As of June 29, 2023, the top two Mutual Funds holding Microsoft Corporation stock were Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund and Vanguard 500 Index Fund. The former held 231.88 million shares worth $78.97 billion, accounting for 3.12% of all outstanding shares. The latter held approximately 177.03 million shares worth around $60.29 billion, representing about 2.38% of the total shares outstanding.

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