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Fair Play Review
  • 7th Oct 2023

Fair Play Review

"Fair Play" is a gripping and intense thriller about a finance power couple navigating fractured egos and power dynamics.

What news can we find under Silent film News Section?

Silent Film: A Unique Journey Through Time

Have you ever stepped back in time to glimpse the magic of silent films? Silent film, a once-popular medium that has given us gems like ‘The Kid’ by Charlie Chaplin or 'Metropolis' from Fritz Lang's creative genius. These have indeed marked an indelible footprint on the sands of cinematic history.

The exciting thing about uncovering news content under this topic is it’s like opening up a unique box of hidden treasures, each one with its vibrant story. Do iconic names like Buster Keaton and Mary Pickford ring any bells? Silent films used visuals - face expressions, body language, scene composition - instead of words to convey plot narratives. Actors needed exquisite physical comedy skills which was something else right?

Did you know that color entered cinema even before sound did? Yup! Hand-painted reels were common in early silent films. The addition of musical accompaniment transformed these mute stories into melodic mantelpieces entertaining huge crowds.

"Moving Picture World", an old trade magazine provides extensive information on numerous long-lost movies and their mysterious stars."

New screenings or findings are always popping up helping to keep alive these classic masterpieces from our past. So there's hope we'll discover more lost classics someday?! Moreover evolving digital technologies brought restorations allowing new generations to appreciate these oft-forgotten aspects of cultural history... How cool is that?

We don't need spoken dialogues when eyes speak volumes, do we?.

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