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"Delving into Jack Ryan Season 4: Unveiling Walters' Identity in Episodes 1 & 2"

Jack Ryan season 4 sees Jack Ryan investigate CIA corruption.

Jack Ryan season 4 will mark the final chapter for John Krasinski's iconic character. The former Marine and war veteran, now working for the CIA, has faced numerous challenges in the past, but his greatest test awaits him this season.

The first two episodes of Jack Ryan, titled "Triage" and "Convergence," kick off with the assassination of the president of Nigeria, orchestrated by a man named Walters. Directed by Lukas Ettlin and Jann Turner, the episodes premiered on Friday, June 30, on Prime Video.

Season 4 of Jack Ryan takes place in Myanmar, where we find Jack Ryan himself imprisoned and subjected to torture. Through a flashback, we learn about the assassination of the Nigerian president and the ruthless mastermind behind it, Walters.

Walters shows no mercy to his own men and contacts Chao Fah, a casino owner in Myanmar, to inform him of the mission's success. Meanwhile, back in the USA, Jack and acting CIA director Elizabeth Wright discuss the events in Nigeria. They suspect that the CIA may have been involved, as one of the assassins was captured.

Jack Ryan is called to testify before the Senate regarding the assassination, but he remains uncertain about the CIA's role. Determined to uncover the truth, Jack vows to get to the bottom of the situation. However, one senator places the blame squarely on Jack's shoulders. In Mexico, a religious assassin named Chavez, the sole boss of a cartel, forms alliances with a crime syndicate in Southeast Asia.

Chao Fah seeks to collaborate with the cartel to maintain ties with America. He travels to Mexico, unaware that Chavez is secretly working with the CIA. Chavez has assembled a team to take down Chao. Meanwhile, in the USA, Jack suspects former CIA director Thomas Miller and urges Elizabeth to put an end to all illegal operations.

During Chao's visit to the cartel's laboratories in Mexico, the police show up. Chao manages to escape, forcing Chavez to abort his mission to kill him. At the same time, Jack Ryan and Elizabeth attend a Nigerian gala.

Two new characters, Adebayo Osoji and Zeyara Lemos, are introduced. Later, Jack returns home to his girlfriend, Cathy. However, their reunion is interrupted when Chavez appears and holds Jack at gunpoint. Chavez demands that Jack "turn Pluto back on" within 24 hours.

Jack begins investigating Operation Pluto and discovers that it refers to a series of black ops missions involving Chavez. Jack confronts the cartel boss and informs him that Operation Pluto has been permanently terminated. Jack questions him about Miller's involvement in the assassination of the Nigerian president, and Chavez reveals that he never met Miller and believes that Walters was giving the orders.

Realizing that Chavez is a highly skilled assassin, Jack seeks his help in investigating Miller and the CIA's illicit activities. Chavez divulges information about Chao and his crime syndicate, the Silver Lotus Triad, in Myanmar. Chao wants to leave the criminal life behind and reveals to Chavez that the CIA operations are under the control of the Triad, with someone in Washington acting as their puppet.

Chavez decides to trust Chao and confronts Miller. However, Chao returns home to find himself under attack in Mexico, with his money gone and no contact with Miller, his link between Mexico and Myanmar.

Chao returns to his family home, where his wife explains that their escape plan failed. He manipulates his daughter into believing that the attempt was just a dream, fearing for their lives. Chao no longer wants to be a criminal, but he knows that the Triad would kill him if they discovered his intentions.

In Washington, DC, Miller reveals nothing to James about Operation Pluto but contacts Walters to update him on the situation. Miller speaks with Chao and blames Jack for shutting down the operation, resulting in a lack of funding.

Chavez confronts Miller in his office, holding him responsible for the death of his people. He orders Miller to follow Jack's instructions. Jack suspects that Miller is working for the Triad and has used Chavez and his men to eliminate the Triad's competition. He also believes that the partnership between the cartel and the Triad poses a threat to global stability and American security.

Jack needs Chao's help to put an end to this dangerous situation. He meets with Miller but fails to obtain any information about Walters. Jack refuses to restart Operation Pluto, and Miller, paranoid and afraid, returns to his office. Walters then attacks and kills him. Chavez discovers Miller's lifeless body, realizing that his own life is now in danger and that Walters is coming for him next. Jack and James arrive too late to save Miller.

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