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Bodybuilder Jo Lindner's last Instagram post teases concerning health...

Bodybuilder Jo Lindner's final Instagram post revealed health issues following TRT.

Bodybuilder Jo Lindner's final Instagram post, which was shared shortly before his death at the age of 30, revealed that he had been experiencing health issues following his Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). In the post, Lindner shared a series of shirtless photos and detailed his medical journey for his fans. He explained that he had lost his gains after going off everything for a year, but was unable to recover his own testosterone levels, leading him to go back on TRT. Lindner cautioned his followers about the potential long-term effects of TRT and emphasized that it is a big commitment.

Lindner also highlighted the physical changes he experienced as a result of TRT, pointing out the size differences in his chest and waist. He challenged his followers to spot 12 differences in the two pictures he shared. Additionally, Lindner discussed a new problem he was facing due to a hernia, which caused his stomach to appear larger. Despite these challenges, Lindner wanted to show his followers that even as a natural athlete, they can achieve amazing results by getting in shape.

The news of Lindner's death was first announced by his girlfriend, Nicha, on Instagram. According to Nicha, Lindner passed away in her arms after suffering an aneurysm. She described their final moments together, where Lindner put a necklace he made for her around her neck and they cuddled. Nicha expressed her love for Lindner and described him as sweet, kind, loyal, strong, and a believer in everyone. She also mentioned that Lindner had complained of neck pains prior to his death.

Before his passing, Lindner spoke to YouTuber Bradley Martyn about his fears of overtraining due to his rare muscular condition called rippling muscle disease. He expressed concerns about the possibility of experiencing a heart attack as a result of muscle cramps. Lindner also mentioned his reluctance to participate in bodybuilding competitions due to the use of diuretics, which could exacerbate his condition.

Authorities have yet to determine the official cause of Lindner's death.

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