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Surgery News & Breaking Stories

Michael Strahan daughter brain cancer
  • 11th Jan 2024

Michael Strahan daughter brain cancer

Michael Strahan's daughter, Isabella, was diagnosed with brain cancer. She's optimistic and plans to document her journey in a YouTube series.

'Colts Contemplating Suspending Jonathan Taylor According to Report'
  • 30th Aug 2023

'Colts Contemplating Suspending Jonathan Taylor According to Report'

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor may be staging a "hold-in" over a contract dispute, according to reports. Taylor has not passed a physical since undergoing surgery in January and could face suspension if he refuses to take another physical. The Colts may insist on a physical and suspend Taylor without pay if he continues to assert that his ankle is not fully healed. The relationship between Taylor and the Colts is strained, and a trade deal could still happen before the Oct. 31 deadline.

Grandson of Jimmy Carter provides latest update on health situation
  • 21st Aug 2023

Grandson of Jimmy Carter provides latest update on health situation

Former President Jimmy Carter, 98, is in the "final chapter" of his life, according to his grandson. Carter entered hospice care in February and has faced health scares in recent years. His wife, Rosalynn Carter, who has dementia, still knows her family and is able to form new memories. The couple, married for 77 years, continue to hold hands and are an inspiration to many.

What news can we find under Surgery News Section?

Unveiling the World of Surgery News

Hello there, have you ever wondered what's usually making headlines in the surgery section of medical news? Well, strap in as we delve into this riveting world marked by breathtaking advancements and compelling cases.

Imagine hearing about a rare heart transplant procedure that saved a five-year-old's life or surgeons grafting a bionic arm on an accident survivor – it’s almost like something out of a sci-fi movie! Fascinating right? That is exactly what fills up the surgery news sphere.

A significant portion of surgery-related news comprises remarkable breakthroughs achieved through relentless research and progressive technology. Remember Robocop? Did you ever think humans would literally 'wear' robots to regain mobility due to spinal injuries or stroke? Yet here we are!

In addition to that, one will often spot articles assessing new surgical techniques or devices enhancing precision during operations. These may include 3D-printed organs, minimally invasive surgeries robots perform, AI-driven diagnostics - again like something right out from Stark Industries! Isn't modern medicine mind-blowing?

Covid-19 also had its impacts on surgical procedures thus became another hot topic for discussions with numerous scientists sharing insights regarding safe operative practices during such unforeseen crises.

And why stop there? You can also come across emotion-tugging stories showcasing resilience not just from patients but our very own real-life superheroes - surgeons effectively battling various health monsters every day!

All this collectively enriches our understanding about evolving trends in surgical interventions while instilling hope for better healthcare tomorrow. Aren’t you intrigued already to browse more under ‘Surgery’ today?

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