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Hailey Bieber shines in over $360K worth of diamonds at Michael Rubin's Fourth...

Hailey Bieber wears six-figure diamond jewelry to star-studded Fourth of July party.

Kim Kardashian recently made a candid confession about the intimate topic of "makeup sex." The reality TV star and entrepreneur opened up about the passionate nature of makeup sex, revealing some personal details about her own experiences.

In a recent interview, Kardashian discussed the intensity and excitement that can come from makeup sex. She emphasized the importance of communication and understanding in a relationship, noting that makeup sex can be a way to reconnect and reaffirm the bond between partners.

Kardashian also highlighted the role of physical intimacy in a relationship, explaining that makeup sex can be a way to release tension and reconnect on a deeper level. She emphasized the importance of consent and mutual desire in these encounters, emphasizing that both partners should be fully engaged and enthusiastic.

The reality star also shared some tips for making makeup sex even more enjoyable. She suggested setting the mood with candles, music, or other romantic elements. She also encouraged couples to explore their fantasies and experiment with different techniques to keep the passion alive.

Kardashian's candid confession sparked a conversation about the role of makeup sex in relationships. Many people chimed in with their own experiences, sharing stories of how makeup sex has helped them overcome conflicts and strengthen their connection with their partners.

Overall, Kardashian's open and honest discussion about makeup sex has shed light on an often taboo topic. By encouraging open communication and embracing the passionate side of relationships, she has sparked a dialogue that can help couples navigate the ups and downs of their own love lives.

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