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Hong Kong Singer Coco Lee Passes Away at the Age of 48

Hong Kong singer Coco Lee dies by suicide, aged 48.

Coco Lee, a renowned singer and songwriter from Hong Kong, has tragically taken her own life at the age of 48. According to her siblings, Lee had been battling depression for several years, and her condition had worsened significantly in recent months. Despite seeking professional help and putting up a valiant fight against her inner demons, Lee ultimately succumbed to her struggles.

Over the weekend, Lee attempted suicide at her home and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Tragically, she fell into a coma and passed away on Wednesday. Born Ferren Lee in Hong Kong, she later moved to the United States, where she attended school in San Francisco. Lee's singing career took off after she won second place in a prestigious singing competition held by TVB in Hong Kong. At the young age of 19, she released her debut album in 1994.

Initially known for her Mandopop music, Lee expanded her repertoire to include Cantonese and English songs throughout her impressive 30-year career. She gained recognition for her powerful voice and captivating live performances. Lee also played a pivotal role in paving the way for Chinese singers in the international music scene, becoming the first Chinese artist to break into the American market. Her English song "Do You Want My Love" reached number four on Billboard's Hot Dance Breakouts chart in December 1999.

Lee's contributions extended beyond her music career. She lent her voice to the Mandarin version of Disney's Mulan, portraying the heroine Fa Mulan and singing the Mandarin rendition of the film's iconic theme song, "Reflection." In 2011, she married Bruce Rockowitz, a Canadian businessman and former CEO of Li & Fung, a Hong Kong supply chain company. Although Lee did not have children of her own, she had two stepdaughters from her marriage.

In her last Instagram post, dated December 31, 2022, Lee shared photos of herself, including tattoos of the words "love" and "faith." She expressed the importance of these two words in her life and how they helped her navigate the challenges of the past year. Earlier in the year, she underwent surgery for an old leg injury, which required her to relearn how to walk. Despite the pain and difficulties, Lee remained determined and optimistic, stating, "Yes, I can and I will!"

Following the news of Lee's passing, fellow Mandopop singer-songwriter Wang Leehom paid tribute to her on Instagram, hailing her as the "biggest star" and a fearless pioneer who broke down international barriers for Chinese artists. Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai also expressed her condolences on Facebook, remembering Lee's radiant smile.

Coco Lee's untimely death is a devastating loss for the music industry and her fans worldwide. Her talent, resilience, and groundbreaking achievements will forever be remembered, solidifying her legacy as a remarkable musical legend.

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