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Ethereum price forecast ETF approval
  • 21st May 2024

Ethereum price forecast ETF approval

Crypto market surges on Ethereum ETF optimism. SEC potentially approving applications, leading to Ether price surge and positive impact on altcoins.

Bitcoin price surge suggests
  • 6th Dec 2023

Bitcoin price surge suggests

Bitcoin reached a 20-month high of $42,000, signaling fading regulatory scrutiny and potential for a bitcoin exchange fund on the stock market.

Michelle Yeoh marries Jean Todt for a blissful union after a 19-year engagement
  • 29th Jul 2023

Michelle Yeoh marries Jean Todt for a blissful union after a 19-year engagement

Michelle Yeoh, the Hollywood star known for her roles in Bond films and Crazy Rich Asians, has married former Ferrari chief Jean Todt in a ceremony in Geneva. The couple had been engaged for 6,992 days before tying the knot. Yeoh recently made history as the first Asian to win the Academy Award for best actress.

Morientes' Return to Hong Kong Triggers Memories of Real Madrid Galacticos Visit
  • 24th Jul 2023

Morientes' Return to Hong Kong Triggers Memories of Real Madrid Galacticos Visit

Fernando Morientes, former Real Madrid star and La Liga ambassador, visited Hong Kong where he played in a friendly match in 2003. Morientes expressed his support for players moving to Saudi Arabia at the end of their careers, saying it is not unhealthy. He also emphasized the importance of adapting to the local culture and demands of fans for players to succeed at Real Madrid.

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