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Philip Rivers, former NFL quarterback, and wife eagerly await arrival of 10th child

Former NFL quarterback Philip Rivers and his wife are expecting their 10th child.

Philip Rivers, a former NFL quarterback, made a surprising announcement on Thursday. He revealed that he and his wife are expecting their 10th child together later this year. Rivers, who played for the Chargers for 16 years before retiring, shared the news with He excitedly stated that they will be welcoming a baby boy in October.

Rivers mentioned that this pregnancy marks the longest gap between their children. He explained, "We've had one pretty much every two years and now this is the longest gap. We are all fired up. Everyone was pulling for a boy. Even our girls wanted a boy." It seems that the family is thrilled to have a son joining their household.

According to reports, Rivers and his wife already have seven daughters and two sons, ranging in age from 4 to 21. The addition of their 10th child will break the family tradition of having nine children. Both Rivers' mother and maternal grandfather came from families of nine siblings. However, Rivers shared that they decided to go for double digits this time. He humorously added, "or I should say we didn't decide it. God decided."

Rivers officially retired from the NFL in 2021 after a successful 17-year career. He spent his final season with the Indianapolis Colts. Throughout his career, he achieved numerous accolades, including eight Pro Bowl selections. He also became the Chargers' all-time passing leader, throwing for an impressive 59,271 yards over 228 games. It's worth noting that Rivers was famously traded to the Chargers during the 2004 NFL Draft, where he was initially selected by the New York Giants before being swapped for Eli Manning.

Since retiring, Rivers has transitioned into coaching. He started his coaching career at St. Michael Catholic High School in Alabama. Interestingly, his oldest son will be the starting quarterback for the team this season. It seems that football runs in the family, and Rivers is passing on his knowledge and passion for the sport to the next generation.

In conclusion, Philip Rivers, the former NFL quarterback, and his wife are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their 10th child, a baby boy, in October. This news comes after Rivers' successful career in the NFL and his recent retirement. With seven daughters and two sons already, the Rivers family is breaking their tradition of nine children and embracing the joy of having double digits. Rivers is now focusing on his coaching career, where he can share his love for football with his oldest son and the team at St. Michael Catholic High School.

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