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Indianapolis Colts News & Breaking Stories

C.J. Stroud Dominates Jaguars Performance, Sends Loud Message
  • 25th Sep 2023

C.J. Stroud Dominates Jaguars Performance, Sends Loud Message

Texans tight end Trevin Jordan believes that beating the Indianapolis Colts last season was the best thing to happen to the Texans organization because it allowed them to draft quarterback C.J. Stroud, who he thinks is "unbelievable."

NFL Fans Hype Anthony Richardson over CJ Stroud in 1st Duel of Colts, Texans QBs
  • 17th Sep 2023

NFL Fans Hype Anthony Richardson over CJ Stroud in 1st Duel of Colts, Texans QBs

Injuries overshadowed the AFC South clash between the Colts and Texans, with the Colts emerging as winners. Anthony Richardson and C.J. Stroud were both affected by injuries. Richardson's limited involvement still excited fans for the future. Gardner Minshew provided a spark off the bench for the Colts. Stroud showed promise as an NFL starter, but the Texans may not have much progress beyond his development.

'Colts Contemplating Suspending Jonathan Taylor According to Report'
  • 30th Aug 2023

'Colts Contemplating Suspending Jonathan Taylor According to Report'

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor may be staging a "hold-in" over a contract dispute, according to reports. Taylor has not passed a physical since undergoing surgery in January and could face suspension if he refuses to take another physical. The Colts may insist on a physical and suspend Taylor without pay if he continues to assert that his ankle is not fully healed. The relationship between Taylor and the Colts is strained, and a trade deal could still happen before the Oct. 31 deadline.

  • 22nd Aug 2023

"Sam Howell Named Washington Commanders Quarterback for Week 2 Preseason Matchup Against the Ravens"

Watch the Ravens vs. Commanders game on ESPN. Sling TV offers ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Fox, NBC, and NFL Network for $50/month. Fubo TV gives access to ESPN, NFL Network, Fox, ABC, CBS, and more for $75/month. Other exciting matchups in the 2023 NFL preseason include Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Some games can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Sam Howell is the Washington Commanders' starting quarterback. The Commanders have the opportunity to break the Ravens' 24-game preseason winning streak. NFL fans can stream games on platforms like Sling TV, Fubo TV, and NFL+.

Preseason Week 2 Fantasy Football Game Recap: Panthers vs. Giants
  • 19th Aug 2023

Preseason Week 2 Fantasy Football Game Recap: Panthers vs. Giants

Darren Waller shines in his debut with the Giants, being targeted on his first three plays and showing potential as a top-five tight end. Giants' wide receiver rotation becomes clearer, with Darius Slayton, Parris Campbell, and Isaiah Hodgins starting. Jonathan Mingo stands out for the Panthers as a potential starter. Hayden Hurst dominates playing time for the Panthers and has the potential to be a top-10 fantasy tight end.

Vance Joseph's Confident Return to Denver Broncos as Sean Payton's DC
  • 29th Jul 2023

Vance Joseph's Confident Return to Denver Broncos as Sean Payton's DC

Former Broncos head coach Vance Joseph has returned to Denver as an assistant coach, saying he relishes the opportunity to work for new Broncos head coach Sean Payton. Payton had originally planned to hire Vic Fangio, but he joined the Dolphins instead. Payton praised Joseph's professionalism and leadership, and Joseph expressed his admiration for Payton's coaching abilities. Joseph aims to help Payton end the Broncos' playoff drought and win games. He also mentioned former Broncos coach Wade Phillips, who returned as the team's defensive coordinator and won a championship.

What news can we find under Indianapolis Colts News Section?

Hey there, sports enthusiast! Wondering what's cooking in the Indianapolis Colts camp? It's an exciting mix of player trades and signings, game analysis and fan action that keeps the topic bubbling.

The'Indianapolis Colts', one of NFL’s top teams, spawns news content that can feel like you're at home on any sports channel. So, what kind of hot-off-the press stuff are we talking about here?

Average Joe turned Football Hero:

For starters, dip into some rich personal narratives. Think life-changing drafts where gifted players from foreign countries or rookies with nothing but sweat and courage become household names overnight! The birth of a new football hero is always a thrilling read.

Injury Updates & Game Analysis:

Fans crave minute-to-minute updates on their favorite players' fitness levels (Who isn't wondering if Carson Wentz is ready for his big comeback?). They also yearn to dissect every move during nail-biting games - Was it right to go for that 2-point conversion last night?

Tackling Controversies

No team escapes controversies; they often stir up feisty debates among fans. When such hullabaloo arises around the Colts, deep dives into them make pretty engaging reads too!

  • Crowning Touchdowns & Crushing Defeats...
Surely enough, analyzing brilliant plays and heartbreaking losses are key aspects under this category— all the drama at both ends of the spectrum makes this particular section oh-so-compelling! So whether it's those edge-of-seat trades or behind-the-scenes glimpses at off-field antics...if it involves the Indianapolis colts – you betcha—it’s trending football news! To round off does anyone remember Peyton Manning’s spectacular era? Well Hail Mary passes like those will surely turn today into yesterday giving us reasons to celebrate sportsmanship once again.

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