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'Claim to Fame': Cole Reveals Being a 'Target' before Exit, Opens Up about Sister Alicia Keys' Support

Cole eliminated from Claim to Fame, feels betrayed by competitors.

In the latest episode of ABC's Claim to Fame, Cole reflects on his elimination after sending Shayne home the previous week. He reveals that he was torn between choosing Karsyn and Shayne, considering the gameplay and the potential consequences for his own game. Ultimately, he chose to send Shayne home, but immediately felt the backlash from the other contestants. It seemed like everyone turned against him, ready to betray him at any moment.

In a surprising twist, Shayne left a message for Monay, urging her to target Cole next. Shayne explains that she wanted to give Monay the best chance of winning by leaving her with valuable information. Cole emphasizes that there are no hard feelings between him and Shayne now, but he admits that there are things he would do differently if given another chance. He realizes that his friendly nature and desire to be friends with everyone put him in a vulnerable position, as nobody knew where he truly stood. This ultimately led to his downfall.

Despite the challenges he faced, Cole cherishes the heartfelt video message he received from his sister, Alicia Keys. He describes it as a true reflection of their bond and the love they share. Cole explains that their relationship has grown even stronger over the years, despite not growing up together due to their father's absence. He is grateful for the opportunity to be an uncle to Alicia's sons and has fully embraced the role, being there for every aspect of their lives.

In conclusion, Cole's journey on Claim to Fame may have come to an end, but he remains grateful for the experience and the support of his sister. Their unbreakable bond and unwavering love have been constants in his life, and he considers Alicia his best friend.

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