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Congressman Asks UFO Whistleblower about Potential 'Murders' in Efforts to Conceal Information

Congressman questions whistleblower on alleged murder to cover up UFOs.

During a recent House Subcommittee on National Security, Congressman Tim Burchett engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with government whistleblower David Grusch regarding the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) and potential cover-ups. Grusch, a former intelligence officer, claimed that the US government has retrieved crashed UAPs and is engaged in reverse engineering. As a whistleblower, Grusch faced retaliation for making his claims public.

Congressman Burchett, known for his thorough explanations, expressed frustration over the lack of a secure facility to discuss sensitive topics. He then posed a question to Grusch, asking if anyone had been harmed or injured in efforts to conceal these extraterrestrial technologies. Grusch, cautious in his response due to an ongoing investigation into possible retaliatory action against him, stated that he had directed individuals with such knowledge to the appropriate authorities.

Later in the hearing, Congressman Jamie Raskin inquired about the retaliation Grusch had faced. Grusch revealed that he was aware of planned reprisals from leadership at his previous organization, referring to it as "administrative terrorism."

It is important to note that Grusch has not provided concrete evidence to support his claims thus far. However, his testimony adds to the ongoing discussions surrounding UAPs and the potential existence of advanced technologies. The hearing served as an opportunity to explore these topics and shed light on the challenges faced by whistleblowers in coming forward with sensitive information.

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