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'Sun Bear Confirmed as Non-Human Mascot by Chinese Zoo'

A video of a bear standing upright at a Chinese zoo has gone viral, with some suggesting it is a person in a costume. The zoo denies the claims.

In a surprising turn of events, a bear at the Hangzhou Zoo in China has sparked speculation that it may actually be a person dressed in a bear costume. The bear in question is a Malaysian sun bear named Angela, who was caught on camera standing upright in its enclosure. The video, which has since gone viral, shows the bear standing straight-backed and facing the zoo's patrons. Some viewers noticed folds in the bear's lower back, leading them to believe that it was wearing an ill-fitting costume.

Adding to the intrigue, the adult sun bear's small stature is closer to that of a human than other bear species. This fact, combined with the peculiar appearance of the bear's fur, has fueled the theory that it may be a person in disguise. The video, which has been viewed over 405 thousand times, claims that the Hangzhou Zoo is a "communist zoo" where "animals are all fake."

However, the zoo has swiftly dismissed these rumors, releasing a statement from the bear's perspective. According to the statement, not all bears are massive and intimidating. The Malayan sun bear, in particular, is petite and happens to be the smallest bear in the world. The zoo also pointed out that a deception of this nature would be highly unlikely at a state-run facility.

A spokesperson for the Hangzhou Zoo further emphasized that a person attempting to pass as a bear in a fur suit would not last more than a few minutes before collapsing. This assertion was made in an audio recording circulated on WeChat, a popular Chinese social media platform.

While the debate over the true nature of the bear at the Hangzhou Zoo continues, it is important to remember that appearances can be deceiving. Whether the bear is indeed a person in disguise or simply a unique-looking sun bear, it has certainly captured the attention and curiosity of many.

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