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7 Beginner Tips for Braving the Sands in Atlas Fallen

"Survive the scorching sands of Atlas Fallen with these 7 beginner tips for challenging Thelos and mastering the game."

Surviving the treacherous terrain of Atlas Fallen can be a daunting challenge for newcomers. The scorching sands and relentless sun pose significant obstacles that must be overcome. To aid you in your adventure, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 7 essential tips for conquering Thelos in Atlas Fallen.

When you first begin your journey, you will have access to the Dunecleaver and Sandwhip weapons. However, it is crucial to note that the Knuckledust, a powerful fist weapon, can be obtained early on. This weapon has the potential to unleash devastating damage upon your foes.

Personally, I played through a significant portion of Atlas Fallen before trying out the Knuckledust. Once I experienced its synergistic qualities with the Sandwhip, I never looked back. It may very well become your preferred weapon of choice as well.

In certain situations, you may find yourself overwhelmed by a horde of lesser enemies, potentially accompanied by a formidable adversary. Your instinct may be to play it safe and continuously evade their attacks. However, I have discovered that this can prove to be quite challenging. It often seems that when facing multiple enemies simultaneously, their attacks align, making evasion and parrying a flurry of strikes exceedingly difficult.

On the other hand, focusing your efforts on eliminating a single lesser enemy can be highly advantageous. By doing so, you reduce the number of incoming attacks, thereby bolstering your defensive capabilities. Taking the offensive approach can surprisingly yield defensive benefits.

The Gauntlet possesses a non-combat ability that allows you to raise objects from beneath the sand. This action can reveal hidden anvils, which can be used for upgrading, healing, and fast travel. Additionally, you may uncover structures that enable you to ascend to higher elevations, unveiling hidden treasures along the way.

Furthermore, chests can also be raised from beneath the sand, containing valuable resources such as Essence, Shards, and even equipment to enhance your overall build.

Although sidequests may not directly impact the main storyline, they often reward you with valuable items. If you feel the need for a break from the main narrative, consider visiting a quest hub and undertaking a few side quests. These quests are often conveniently clustered together in the same area, allowing you to complete multiple objectives simultaneously.

Make sure to inspect the rewards offered upon completion, as you may stumble upon an item that perfectly aligns with your preferred playstyle.

Once you have honed your dodging skills through evasion, it can be tempting to rely solely on this maneuver. However, mastering the art of parrying can prove to be even more advantageous than evading. Keep a keen eye out for enemies flashing red before launching an attack, as this indicates that their strike can be parried. Certain attacks may require multiple consecutive parries to achieve the desired effect, so persistence is key.

Throughout your journey in Atlas Fallen, you will encounter various vendors. These vendors can be found within villages, quest hubs, and important story areas. They offer a wide range of items that can greatly aid your progress, including equipment, Idols, Essence Stones, and more. Additionally, there is a Traveling Vendor who roams the world. You can easily spot him by his kite soaring high in the sky, indicating his current location. After defeating certain encounters, the Traveling Merchant may update his inventory, so be sure to check it frequently.

In the heat of battle, it is easy to overlook the potency of your Shatter attack. Remember that utilizing this ability depletes your Momentum Bar, resulting in the loss of any benefits provided by your current Essence Stones.

However, the Shatter attack is incredibly powerful. If you find yourself running low on healing resources and on the verge of defeating a formidable enemy, but unsure if you can survive long enough to secure victory, do not hesitate to unleash your Shatter attack. When your Momentum Bar is completely filled, this attack can deal an astonishing amount of damage. It is often a wise decision to execute the Shatter attack rather than saving your Momentum for later.

We hope that these beginner tips will serve as invaluable guidance during your arduous journey across the desolate deserts of Atlas Fallen.

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