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Mum reveals Limerick boy's battle with meningitis and third brain surgery

A six-year-old boy from Limerick, Ireland is battling meningitis after his third brain surgery, and a fundraiser has been started to support his recovery.

In a heartfelt and emotional update, the mother of a resilient young boy from Limerick, who has been battling serious illnesses since birth, has shared that he is now facing the challenge of meningitis following his third brain surgery. This news has prompted the start of a fundraiser for six-year-old Noah Quish, who underwent his latest surgery on Monday.

In a joint message from his parents Una and John, they expressed the complexity and complications of Noah's current situation. They acknowledged that the recovery process will be long and arduous, indicating the difficult road ahead for their brave son.

Noah's health struggles began shortly after his birth in March 2017. Weighing only 7lbs 3oz, he faced difficulties with feeding and failed to thrive in the initial weeks. This led to frequent hospital visits and near-death experiences. Eventually, Una discovered that Noah had a heart condition that required surgical intervention. He was subsequently transferred to Crumlin, where he received a diagnosis of severe obstructive Laryngomalacia, scoliosis, chiari malformation of the brain, severe sleep apnea, and a chromosome deletion.

At just four months old, Noah underwent open heart surgery and surgery to address his airway issues. However, his medical journey did not end there. Una shared that even after five years, Noah continues to face a multitude of complex health issues, with pending tests to determine the extent of his conditions. He relies on tube feeding and is non-verbal. Last Christmas, he experienced severe illness, including HSP, intussusception, and various other complications during his time in Crumlin.

On Monday, Noah underwent his third brain surgery, which presented its own set of challenges. His mother provided an update, explaining that the initial surgery had to be redone, and his shunt had to be temporarily removed to allow his head to heal. This was necessary due to excessive fluid on the brain, which was leaking from the wound. Currently, Noah has a drain in his spine to monitor his condition, and once he is stronger, the shunt will be reinserted. However, this is a delicate process, as the shunt could potentially cause another infection. Therefore, close monitoring is required.

Una emphasized the toll that Noah's recovery is taking on his young body, acknowledging that it will require significant time and patience. She expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support, messages, prayers, and donations from the community. Noah's progress will be regularly updated to keep everyone informed.

One individual reached out to offer support and admiration for Noah and his parents, recognizing the immense bravery and courage displayed by the young boy in the face of adversity.

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