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Outpouring of Support for Plum House Explosion Victims

Five people were killed and three homes destroyed in a house explosion in Plum, prompting a deluge of donations for the victims.

In a tragic incident on Saturday, five lives were lost and three homes were destroyed due to an explosion along Rustic Ridge Drive in Plum. The Plum community has rallied together to support the victims of this devastating event, with a deluge of donations pouring in.

Donna Colamarino of Plum shared how her daughter, Sophia, 9, contributed her own money to donate. The impact of the explosion was felt even five miles away, as their house on OhioPyle Drive shook, immediately raising concerns of an explosion.

To handle the relief efforts for Plum residents affected by the traumatic explosion, Angels In DaSkys has partnered with the Renton Volunteer Fire Department. Melissa DiPasquale, the founder and president of Angels In DaSkys, has set up a collection point at her home, where donations of gift cards and money are being accepted.

The collection basket, labeled with the nonprofit's name, is under 24/7 video surveillance to ensure the safety of the donations. DiPasquale keeps meticulous records of all contributions and constantly checks the basket. She expresses gratitude for the kindness and generosity of everyone and emphasizes the importance of paying it forward.

One notable donation on Sunday morning amounted to $1,000, but any amount is welcome and will directly support the cause related to the explosion. While the community has shown an abundance of food and water donations, volunteers are now requesting the public to contribute gift cards and monetary donations instead. The families who lost their homes have been left with nothing, and the aim is to provide them with immediate financial assistance.

Clothing and other items are not currently needed, as the focus is on gift cards. Walmart, Amazon, department stores like Target and Macy's, and local businesses are suggested as preferred options for gift cards.

Angels In DaSkys, founded by DiPasquale 20 years ago, has collaborated with firefighters to organize and distribute the donations. Residents like Colamarino, who have lived in Plum for 13 years, have heard about the nonprofit and felt compelled to help the families affected by the tragedy.

The outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming, with thousands of people coming together to contribute. DiPasquale assures that 100% of the collected funds will go directly to the families in need.

Anita Maydak-Neace, the president of the Renton VFD, led donation efforts from the fire department located near the Plum Municipal Building. She urges everyone to keep positive thoughts for the families and advises caution when donating, emphasizing that no one from the organization will contact individuals asking for money or donations.

Immediate assistance is required for residents from up to 12 houses, and the Plum Borough community is proud to come together in this time of need. Any excess water donations will be distributed to other fire departments and rehab centers to ensure no resources go to waste.

At present, the focus is on providing support to the families most affected by this tragedy. GoFundMe accounts have been set up to aid the victims, including one specifically for the Smith family and another for all the victims. These accounts can be found on under the names of Danielle DiVittorio and Bryan Corbett.

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